When asked about her failing grade in math, eighth grader Jamari looked up. “I hate school... It’s boring and has nothing to do with real life,” she said.  “All they teach us is how to pass a test. Why can’t I learn about credit cards and how to pay a mortgage …for real life?”

When we asked students how they would redesign their school, they listed the same key issues: They want more authenticity, more skills that are relevant to their everyday lives, and above all, more agency in their own learning experiences. When school is disconnected from these core elements many students disengage. These active, social and passionate middle school teens need a way to access learning experiences that are centered around their needs, interests and passions.

Capital Village Schools is a network of micro-schools that will effectively meet the diverse needs of our students by combining

  • real-world learning expeditions grounded in social justice,

  • personalized instruction centered around the unique needs of individual students, and

  • an intentionally small village focused on developing the whole child.

Our small schools will be nimble and flexible. Each student’s experience will be guided by a learning plan tailored to his or her specific needs and abilities.  With this high level of personalized support and the support of their families, each student who attends a Capital Village School will be set up to succeed.

Our first school, Capital Village Academy, will be a public charter school in Washington, DC, serving students in 5th - 8th grades and opening in the Fall of 2020.